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About Us

Since 1982, Cougar Mountain Software has been committed to our customers and our employees. We’ve also been committed to creating outstanding accounting software in an ever-changing world of technology. We exist to provide our customers with superior accounting capabilities. The use of our software results in better returns, lower costs, advanced reporting, and robust security.

Our Mission

To continually innovate and refine high value business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses backed with unparalleled service. By leveraging our collective talents, we provide our customers with the tools they need to confidently achieve success in their business enterprises. We will use collaboration and accountability to deliver innovative accounting solutions that provide our customers with security, accuracy, and peace of mind while we maintain exceptional customer service.

Our Core Values

  • Tireless pursuit of quality
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Pride in our achievements
  • Accountability to our community
  • Customer-driven innovation

Our Team

Chuck Gossett - CEO
Chuck Gossett
Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Gossett came to Cougar Mountain Software in 2006 after serving an active role for several years on the Board of Directors of the family-owned business. Chuck assumed the role of President and CEO of Cougar Mountain Software when his father, Robert, began his retirement in 2008. Outside of Cougar Mountain, Chuck has owned and managed local businesses for three decades.

As Chuck became involved with Cougar Mountain, it was evident the team was ready for a transition. Beginning with the introduction of Agile development and testing, the company evolved to have the perspective of a startup looking to the future. The concept that “culture triumphs everything” became the basis for Cougar Mountain’s internal growth. This was instrumental for visibility and accountability into Cougar Mountain’s processes. With the company’s new approach of always looking to the future, Denali was, and is, fundamental to high customer satisfaction and staying relevant in this highly competitive market.

Cougar Mountain’s origin is with the nonprofit industry, and the first Denali product redevelopment initiated by Chuck was with our nonprofit Denali Fund software. Providing a superior GAAP-compliant solution, without the need for layers of Excel workarounds, is a strength that serves nonprofit employees, donors, and board members.

Our core focus is: “To continually refine our high-value business solutions for our nonprofit clients by providing them with superior accounting capabilities, unparalleled service resulting in better returns, lower costs, exceptional reporting, and greater security.”

Dave Haworth
Dave Haworth
Ann Geisel
Ann Geisel
Director of Development and Design
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson
Testing Manager
Stephanie Wurschmidt
Stephanie Wurschmidt
Support Manager
Joyce McKinney
Joyce McKinney
Laurel Hoops
Laurel Hoops
Operations Manager
Cheri Severson
Cheri Severson
Conversion and Crystal Reports Manager
Brian Brethauer
Brian Brethauer
Marketing Manager

Our Story

Bob GossettWhen Robert (Bob) Gossett founded Cougar Mountain Software in the early ‘80s, his vision was to combine the powers of innovative computing and efficient accounting. This vision created reliable software that would help protect businesses and nonprofit organizations from fraud, manage cash flow, enhance profitability, and improve inventory tracking. By making this new kind of software available to small businesses and nonprofit organizations, the accounting behind the scenes allowed customers’ endeavors to flourish.

Over the years, Bob was extremely dedicated to his customers and even more so to his employees. He worked closely with customers and his team to solve their business problems using innovative ideas. One of his favorite things to do for some lucky customers and employees was to take them up in his airplane and take a tour of the local Sawtooth Mountain Range.

For over thirty years, Cougar Mountain has worked to perfect accounting software designed specifically for nonprofit organizations.

With customers such as the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, National Hemophilia Foundation, United Way, YMCA, and dozens of other nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and governmental bodies, Bob’s vision continues to flourish.

Bob Gossett

Bob helmed the wheel of Cougar Mountain Software for 26 years, and in 2008 stepped down as CEO to begin his retirement. Upon his passing in 2014, his son, Chuck Gossett, a well-respected entrepreneur and business owner in the Boise area, took his place. Since then, Chuck has been committed to Cougar Mountain Software customers, staff, and to carrying forward his father’s vision of delivering innovative accounting software. Cougar Mountain Software continues to grow and invest in technology that supports Bob’s vision, mission, and core values.


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